Sara’s Story


Sara Abdel-Latif is an Egyptian-born Canadian Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer and Intuitive Guide. Born a highly sensitive and intuitive child, Sara always felt drawn to helping others heal. Raised in Kuwait in the British schooling system, she began her inward journey in high school when she discovered yoga and meditation as a means to calm anxiety and reduce procrastination. While she began her post-secondary education at Carleton University in Biology and the Humanities, first intending to become a medical doctor to help heal people’s bodies, she found herself drawn even more to the deeper healing of the mind and heart. She graduated her B.A. with a specialization in Humanities and Religion after discovering her passion for Sufi poetry. Now completing her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto in Sufi qur’anic interpretation, Sara has channeled her knowledge and practice of Sufism into her yoga, and intends to open the first Sufi Yoga Healing Arts Centre in the world.

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While Sara has over a decade of yoga experience, her dedicated daily practice truly began in 2012 when she first set foot in Kula Yoga Studio in Toronto amidst a bout of depression. Four years later, in January 2016, she pursued her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certificate. Her decision to become a yoga teacher came from her personal journey of recovery from PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder), which had fuelled her depression on and off for many years. Feeling betrayed by her body and alienated from the rhythms of her life, she enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training to reconnect with herself, find some clarity of mind and rediscover a path to inner wholeness from which to live her life and begin guiding others to heal as well. At the same time, she began personal studies in feminine spirituality, which helped her rediscover her innate wisdom and connect with her body and spirituality in ways she never had before. After connecting with a female Sufi teacher and spiritual guide, Sara was inspired to walk an embodied path of inner healing based on integrating feminine mysticism into the cycles of the everyday. Through a daily practice of these principles, Sara found a source of authentic strength, grace and empowerment which she now shares with others through her Alchemy of Happiness Program.

As part of her Yoga Teacher Training, Sara came into contact with chakra healing principles and discovered a natural gift for perceiving chakra blockages in herself and others. After graduating yoga training in June 2016, she complemented her insight into chakra healing with studies in Reiki in July of 2016. In order to fully realize her dreams of guiding others on a holistic healing path, Sara is currently pursuing further certification in Yoga Psychology with Ashley Turner to broaden her knowledge of the human psyche and implement therapeutic psychological practices into her work. Sara founded Fourth Chakra Yoga and Reiki in September 2016 as a safe place for others to come for healing and guidance, no matter their problem. Since Sufis believe the Heart Chakra is the realm of true joy and integration, Sara called her practice Fourth Chakra Yoga and Reiki to reflect this divine path of the heart.

Sara believes in empowering others through acknowledging their wounds and providing Webprofilethem with the right tools to self-soothe and grow in a safe and loving environment. This is why she approaches yoga with an eye to holistic inner healing. Sara couples her yoga teaching with Reiki healing, Sufi soul alchemy and elements of psychotherapy to address wounds that weave through the body, mind and spirit of each individual. Her work helps holistically integrate the body, mind and soul in healthful harmony. In her view, each person is born with the medicine within to heal and an intuitive understanding of how to live in harmony with the world. By healing your own heart, you naturally begin to shine your healing light on others without effort or depletion. It is in this way that Sara hopes to contribute to the soothing of hearts and the flourishing of love in this world. 

Sara is infinitely inspired by the work and wisdom of her teachers: Cynthia Cooperstone, Colin Matthews, Serah Goldberg, Donna Wilding, Dr. Rosina-Fawzia al-Rawi, Baba Murat Coskun, Ashley Turner, Caroline Myss, Sara Avant Stover, and most importantly her beloved guide and spiritual companion, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi.

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